On the brand Bravur Leif, we create basic yet stylish men's fashion with personality.

Bravur Leif is a brand that reflects confidence and style for every occasion.

At Pang Brands, we developed the Brand Positioning, Naming, and Visual Identity to meet our client's needs.

The name Bravur Leif combines courage, boldness, and heritage, evoking confidence and tradition. We chose the Nayuki typography, which offers a striking and curvaceous design.
The Bravur Leif logo incorporates the key concepts of the brand: confidence, authenticity, boldness, and simplicity. The chosen symbol is the tiger, representing elegance, strength, and power.

Dress in Bravur Leif and become the best version of yourself: confident, authentic, stylish, and unforgettable.

Brand Strategy
Brand Naming
Brand Identity

©2023 Bravur Leif
Agency: Pang Brands ®️
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Design Direction: Danielly Pang

Client: Bravur Leif / Walderson Leonardo

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